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Hello, friends in the trading stock market Stock selection is very important so I find the best method to select stock for trading.

This stock selection method is free of cost No need to pay money. This method is useful for the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, and India. In any stock market, you can use.

Following Methods to Find stock for swing trading stock selection in us, the UK in 2022

1. Open investing.com website This website Gives Data for free also.

2. After opening the website then Select the country which country stock you want to Screen.

3. After that select the “tool” option In the Tool option “stock screener”

4. select settings as per your requirement Like as volume should be high and CMP is also more than 100 like this parameter you select

5.AFter that scroll down and click on technical so you will get stock with Indicators like STRONG BUY ( Monthly, WEEKLY, DAILY).

it means that these stocks are in an uptrend and you can find Buying opportunities in intraday trading in this stock.

Same for Intraday Selling stock you can do the same process.

Keep practicing buying in Uptrend stocks and Selling in downtrend stocks.

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