“Secrets of a Pivot boss” Franklin best book for pivot point learn in stock market 2021

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Hello, friends in this blog we will discuss the stock market best book “Secrets of a Pivot boss” by Franklin O. Ochoa.

Basically in this Book, all topics are covered about Pivot points. If you are interested in pivot point trading then this book is very interesting and much more pivot point trading strategy they told in this book.

chapter 1

they told how the stock market works and How many types of Buyers and sellers are in the market .

What is recycling market Days in the stock market?

Normally stock market Basic & Effective concepts they cleared very nicely.

Chapter 2

they covered Trading setup-related concepts and candlestick-related information.

like candlestick reversal set up, wick set up likewise with an example so I can understand very well.

Chapter 3 & 4

The money zone concept is explained very well . after reading this book I can understand how money work in the market and How much money zone is important in trading.

I was don’t know the money zone concept but this book cleared my money zone concept fully.

Chapter 5 & 6

Pivot points concept its formula is cleared in this chapter.

how to apply pivot point ? this concept told also pivot point trend analysis advanced level concept also said .

I was literally very happy after reading this chapter.

Chapter 7 & 8

In this chapter, they told about camarilla related all doubt.

I was very excited to know camarilla strategy but in this book, they told all advanced concepts in this book.

They covered the topic of what is camarilla ? how camarilla work and how to use camarilla equation use in real trade with high accuracy also how to generate high accuracy trade in the live market.

Advanced camarilla concept they told in this book.

Chapter 9 & 10

Here they covered the timeframe zone of pivot analysis. they told how to analyze the trend by using pivot pints.

All time frame zones they covered with good pictures so I understand all things by reading this book.

After reading this book I really learned very big things and concepts about the stock market.

I really thanking FRANKLIN O. OCHOA to make this book.

if anybody wants a book then you can purchase this book it will help you to enhance your trading journey.

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