Best Penny stocks To Buy Now in India-PMC fincorp share Analysis|Is PMC Fincorp a multibagger?

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हेलो फ्रेंड्स सबसे पहले मैं आपका स्वागत करता हु PMC fincorp share Analysis Blog में । इस blog में हम देखेंगे pmc fincorp share price target 2025 जो हमें आनेवाले दिनों में मिल सकता है ।PMC fin corp is a Finance services company. It works in Corporate and personal finance, Debt syndication private placement, Arranger Distributor&Marketing of financial products dealing, and investment in the stock market.


PMC FIN CORP Tickertape Analysis

PMC Fincorp Shareholding Pattern

PMC Fincorp Technical Analysis

As we saw PMC Fincorp Breakout at Rs.0.74 and now it made High Rs.11.00 I was Buy Stock When it was (0.5 & 1.3) so my average price was Rs.1.18

I made a video when its price at Rs.0.5

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