I am not able to trade properly in stock market|trading rules in stock market

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Hello, friends If you are reading this article it means you are facing a problem in trading and you didn’t get success in the share market.

But friends don’t worry I will help you how to get success in the stock market.

Friends, Please ask one question yourself>How you come into the stock market?

                        > Why you come into the stock market?

Definitely, people will give me answer To earn More money so I come to the stock market and also how did you know about the stock market there are no. of answers from friends, from relatives, from webinars, etc.

so forget the above questions and focus on how to get success.

To do trading in the stock market did you took any education or did you take any successful trader knowledge regarding the stock market.

To get job in good company so people take education in best school untiil 10th 12th ITI Diploma Degree other education like this.

BUT ??   

FOR STOCK MARKET ??? Where you will get more money than Job    What education you take….????……  

So friends now you understand to get success in stock market Education and knowledge is very important.

without knowledge, if you trade in the stock market you will lose money.

in the stock market Rules is very important.

The stock market is the probability of Game means you should have a more winning probability.

in the stock market, if you have 60-80 % accuracy then also you will make lakh crore money by following Rules.

it is not possible to tell all things about How to get success in the stock market if  You are not able to trade properly in the stock market then follow the following tips.

⇒Share market Knowledge

first takes knowledge about the stock market .no need to take huge knowledge at least you should know the basic of stock.

like as 

    • What is Commodity, Banknifty, Nifty, MCX, equity, stocks?
    • What is Intraday Trading
    • What is Swing trading 
    • What is positional trading
    • What is an option and what is option trading
    • What is investing
    • watch videos of Successful people’s thought about the stock market like Rakesh jhinjhunwala, warren buffet, etc.

After taken knowledge of the stock market then think about how to trade in the stock market yourself.

Don’t take a shortcut because in the market no of fraudent people they will take money from you and lose your money

Learn the following things to take trade 

    • Price action trading 
    • camarilla pivot point trading
    • stochastic trading
    • Fibonacci trading
    • RSI method
    • Moving average 

no methods available in the market but first understand all these methods.

Then try to watch market full day and use all above methods and try to learn how this method works.

learn which methods giving good results.

Money management 

After watching the market for 3-4 months then you can understand which method is good for you means 

    • Intraday Trading
    • Swing Trading
    • Positional trading
    • long term investment
    • option trading 
    • stock news trading

after select, a method then try to invest in the share market but Remember One thing

Don’t invest more money in one day 

First decide how much money you can loose in one day so it will not affect your financial problem in future.

Like if I lose Rs.200 per day so in 20 days if my trade goes in wrong then Rs.4000 money I will lose.

after 20 days you will decide If your trade goes in a Good direction then every month increases investment

  • like first month 4000 risk
  • 2nd months  6000 risk 
  • 3rd month  8000 risk

If trade not successfully goes in a good direction then take another method and try the same above financial management use.

like see the image I trade 1:1 target but I take only 25 qty. then if I lose then 200 I will lose and if I win then 200 I will win.

I exit @ 567.70 then I take a profit of Rs.207.

here profit is not important in the winning ratio.

⇒A successful trader

after your methods works until 6 months 1 year then try to build consistency in trading.

Very Important Don’t follow other persons who demotivate you in your trading professional.

Because in trading focus and concentration is very important.

SO friends all the best to you and your family to become a successful trader.

it is not possible to cover all things in a single blog so if get a good response to this blog I will make details blog regarding trading.

so please share the blog with your friends keep trading with good accuracy and with stop loss.

because without Stop you don’t reach the long-term goals so the stop is most important.


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One thought on “I am not able to trade properly in stock market|trading rules in stock market

  • April 11, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    This was amazing for beginners in stock market..thank you for this information..I’ll follow you in future too..n this article is really helpful for me n all beginners thank you so much..


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