High dividend paying stocks |Top dividend paying stocks in india |high dividend yield stocks

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In this blog we will see High dividend paying stocks and consistently increasing dividends Stocks .

In stock market there are much more investing strategies Like

  1. Intraday Investment
  2. Swing trading investment
  3. Options trading investment
  4. mutual fund investment
  5. Dividend ans long term investment (In stocks)

But Success ratio is more in only Long Term Investment so We will see the Top dividend paying stocks in india which increases dividend every year .

Highest dividend paying stocks last 10 years in india

In image I shown a portfolio which have highest dividend paying stocks

in this portfolio Initial investment is Rs.29771

This portfolio gives 21.01% CAGR Returns untill now

This all companies are Fundamentally strong and also every year gave good divident

If Have any doubt in this portfolio you can visit Smallcase portfolio website also which is good for investment portfolio

i will update every stock details analysis in future so be visit next time

thanks for read the blog .

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